Globally Harmonized System

Describes and illustrates new system for chemicals labels


The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) training describes the labeling convention used in Europe and now being introduced in the US.  It is described in a 129-screen title that includes information, examples and movies at companies where the labeling is being used. The second topic describes labels and hazard descriptions related to the corrosion pictogram.  You are guided by Industrial Hygienist Dede Montgomery.

Evidence Basis
This training has not been tested in a setting that allows an evaluation of what or how much is learned from this training, but it employs the educational principles used in other cTRAIN projects.

Record of Results
Licensing provides an account, password option and secure server space where all results are saved in your organization’s space; results can be downloaded through our Data Reports tool (free).

Trainings (licensed ‘uses’) can begin at any time over a year from the initial date on the license.
• Once a training is begun there is no time limit on when it can be completed.
• Users can quit the training (press esc or close browser) and click the original link to return to the same place in the training if they use the exact same user name that they entered when starting training.

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