NwETA Brochures can be downloaded in PDF format.

ctrain-install-brochure.jpgcTRAIN Installation and Operation Guide (26 MB)

This brochure tells how to install cTRAIN on computers with Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It explains cTRAIN operation (including pictures of setup screens), and describes cTRAIN features for teachers and students.

cTRAIN Quickstart (1.9 MB) ctrain_quickstart_thumb.jpg

This quickstart page provides a guide to starting up cTRAIN, entering a trainee name, beginning and completing a training title. This is useful once cTRAIN is installed on a computer and trainees need to ‘take’ the training on their own. Readers are also instructed how to print a certificate at the end of the training, and to restart for a new trainee.

Planning a cTRAIN Title (3.3 MB)plan-thumbnail.jpg

This brochure provides step by step instructions for developing training in cTRAIN structure and format. It provides content developers with information on how to develop a cTRAIN program that NwETA staff can input directly into cTRAIN without incurring formatting charges.

9b-install.jpg9BUTTON Installation Guide (1.8 MB)

This brochure describes the steps to install the 9BUTTON driver in (older) Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It also contains the FCC warning for electronic devices.

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