This page lists grants and contracts that have provided funding to NwETA to use cTRAIN or BARS software or to develop training titles or to collaborate on the project in some way.

Grant and Contract Funding Using cTRAIN or BARS (current, funded)

  • Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center (9/1/11 – 8/31/21) * [WK Anger, PI]
    * Includes subcontract funding or license fees to NwETA.

Grant and Contract Funding for cTRAIN and BARS (completed)

  • Development and Evaluation of Veteran Supportive Supervisor Training (VSST) * (2/25/12 – 2/26/17) * [L Hammer, PI]
  • Impact of a TWH Intervention on Workplace Stress in Farmworkers 10/1/12 – 03/30/17)
  • Social support during a randomized trial of a trucker weight loss intervention * (4/1/11 – 3/31/16) NHLBI grant * [R Olson, PI]
  • Washington State SHARP program: Training for Hospital Workers * (4/1/13 – 8/31/14) [WK Anger, PI]
  • Partnership to Improve Workplace Safety for In-Home Care Workers (9/1/08 – 8/31/13) NIOSH grant * [N Glass, PI]
  • Center for Work-Family Stress, Safety & Health (9/1/08 – 8/31/13)
    NIH grant to Portland State University; contract to NwETA [L Hammer, PI]
  • Evaluation of the Oregon Protective Leave Law for Victims of Violence (09/1/08 – 08/31/13) NIOSH * [N Glass, PI]*
  • Biomarkers of Organophosphorus Pesticide-Induced Neurotoxicity (6/1/08 – 3/30/13) NIEHS grant * [WK Anger & P Lein, PIs]
  • Effective work practices for pesticide applicators (9/06-9/11) NIOSH grant to PNASH, University of Washington’s NIOSH Agricultural Center * [R Fenske, PI]
  • A New and young workers in agriculture (3-09 to 10-11 extended time) Marshfield Clinic Ag Center contract to NwETA [WK Anger, PI]
  • Adolescent exposure to organophosphorus pesticides (Egypt) (5-1-09 to 4-31-11) NIEHS grant * [D Rohlman, PI]
  • Neurobehavioral Research with Solvent-Exposed Lebanese Adolescent Workers (09/07 to 09/09 1-year extension) NIEHS grant * [I Nuwayhid, PI]
  • Restaurant Safety Orientation and Preventing Violence in Restaurants (1/09-9/09) Washington Restaurant Association & Washington state L&I [K Anger, PI]
  • Global Harmonization System (national training re Hazmat icons) (9/06) NIOSH contract [K Anger, PI]
  • Abuse prevention training for Latina women * (9/06-5/09) [N Glass, PI]
  • Computer-based training in vineyards NIOSH UO1 OH008104 * (10/03-9/08) [K Anger, PI)] [extended to  9-09 through internal funding]
  • Supervisory Support for Work and Family NIOSH U01 HD051267 * (07/05-09/08) [L Hammer, PI]
  • Healthy lifestyle training for line-haul truckers
    (9/06-9/07) NIOSH ERC small grant * [R Olson, PI]
  • Web-Delivered PC-Based Low Literacy HAZMAT Training. NIEHS Phase I STTR R41 ES013088 (9/04 – 9/06) * [K Anger, PI]
  • Effectiveness of computer-based training: cTRAIN. NIOSH R01 OH04193 grant to OHSU [K Anger, PI]
  • Teen training on the Worker Protection Standard NIOSH R01 OH0423 grant to OHSU [L McCauley, PI]
  • Oregon OSHA training grant [J Kirkpatrick, PI]
    * Includes subcontract funding or license fees to NwETA.drywalltesting.jpg


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