BARS 4.0pc User Manual

BARS 4.0pc requires a computer running Windows Vista or 7 and a usb 9BUTTON unit.

Setup steps:
Install BARS 4.0pc release
Download, unzip and drag the bars release folder out of the zip shell (e.g., to your desktop):

1. Double click and install 9BUTTON setup.exe
2. Connect the 9BUTTON unit to a usb port on the computer
3. Double click BARS_pc.exe to begin
4. Open a battery (from the File pull-down menu)
5. Select project and double click it
6. Select (highlight) each test and click “Set Parameters” to change them or confirm they are what you want (if you change a parameter, select “Update” before closing the window).
7. Under Battery, enter a name/ID (examiner ID and Computer ID are preferable add-ins)
8. Click Begin
Notes for specific languages:
– Arabic: Install Arabic language from Windows or Office for text to appear right to left

BARS 4.0pc Tests < click for descriptions

  • Match-to-Sample (MTS)
  • Symbol Digit Test (SDT)
  • Continuous Performance Test (CPT)
  • Tapping (TAP)
  • Digit Span Test (DST)
  • Simple Reaction Time (SRT)
  • Serial Digit Learning (SDL)
  • Reversal Learning (RLT)
  • Progressive Ratio Test (PR)

Languages currently operational

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Thai

Languages in development

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) in development
  • more languages can be added easily (and at modest cost)

Options in BARS
From the “File” pulldown menu:
Select “Test Sled” to test the 9BUTTON (verify the lights appear/disappear and the computer reads the buttons).

Select “New Battery” to build a new battery or group of tests

  1. Leave “Save in” Batteries and give your new battery a “File Name.” Click OK.
  2. Click “Add New” and select each test you want to include in your battery
  3. Rename the test, or keep the same name
  4. Once you have chosen all the tests, you can:
    – renumber the order of the tests
    – rename any test
    – delete a test
    – demonstrate a test (typically using the keyboard for efficiency)
    – set the parameters of any test

If you saved your battery in the “Battery” folder (default), it will appear in “open a battery” when you select that in step 4, above

From the Main Window:

  1. “Add New” button is to add a test to your battery.
  2. “Set Parameters” is to change the parameters (described under each test) at any time.
  3. “Demonstrate” is to try out a test using the keyboard.
  4. “Delete” is to delete a test in the selected battery.
  5. “Rename” is to rename a test.
  6. “Renumber” is to change the order of the tests in the selected battery.

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