Pesticide Applicator Training

  • pestappinfopage.jpgLanguages: English, Spanish
  • Education requirements: 0 years (spoken text option on all screens)
    (see evidence of education requirements in publications or cTRAIN description)
  • Capabilities to pass Oregon applicator certification test: Basic math (+ – / x) and reading key parts of labels in English

Pesticide Applicator training teaches pesticide application knowledge and proper application procedures. The training is an intensive course divided into 4 topic groups each of which requires, on average, about a day to complete. Because the training is self-paced and dependent on individual education and experience, the amount of time that an individual will require to complete each training day cannot be reliably estimated. While we recommend that the training is taken in the order shown below because later topics require knowledge gained in earlier topics, the 19 individual topics can be taken in any order. Following the cTRAIN structure, each of the 19 topics has quiz questions throughout the training, with feedback on each answer, and a post-test at the end (without individual feedback but with a percent correct score).

The training also includes topics on how to use a calculator, familiarization with the Oregon Private Pesticide Applicator exam, and a 100-question practice test to prepare for the exam.

A laminated 10-page course summary (pictured, above) is provided that lists all key information and serves as a guide for pesticide application procedures and information. A calculator that can be used in the Oregon Pesticide Applicator certification exam is also included. An extra page of calibration questions, answers to those questions and a pesticide label are also provided for practice finding key information and for the practice exam are also included.

Training is available in written and spoken English or Spanish, but key elements of pesticide labels (eg, PPE, Application Rate) must be read in English.

Pesticide Applicator Units

Topic Group 1PA-1 title 12
Pesticide Management
Transport, Storage Disposal

Topic Group 2
Using a calculator
Equipment Calibration

Topic Group 3
Mixing, Loading
Application and Residues
Spill Response
Toxicology and Health Effects of Pesticides
First Aid

Topic Group 4
How to Take the Oregon Pesticide Applicator Exam
Practice Test for the Oregon Pesticide Applicator Exam (100 questions)

Requirements for Students

  • Basic reading skills in English or Spanish
  • Basic math skills (due to the need to use a calculator for calibration questions)

Evaluation of Training

trainin.jpgThe individual units of this training have been pilot tested with 5-10 agricultural workers, in Spanish (pictured). The training was also completed, in Spanish, by a certified pesticide applicator responsible for a state applicator training program. The entire 19-topic training program was also subjected to a 4-day pilot test by 20 prospective pesticide applicators, in Spanish. Recommendations for changes based on this pilot testing have been implemented in the program, and further improvements are in progress. Worker ratings of individual training units have almost all been 5 (excellent on a 5-point scale) in the pilot testing.

Training Developed by:
Kent Anger, PhD (NwETA and Oregon Health & Science University/CROET)
Information drawn from Oregon State University’s Pesticide Applicator Training Manual.

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