Get Healthier education cards (English)

‘Get Healthier’ Lifestyle education cards teach employees how to live healthier healthy lifestyles and practice these habit patterns by working in small groups or teams and talking about the information on the Cards. Groups of 3-7 employees meet for about 30 minutes weekly to discuss each card or topic, plus an additional 10 minutes if test data are collected to determine how much is learned. Employees take turns leading topic discussions and typically rotate weekly.

Each download of the ‘Get Healthier’ Lifestyle Education Cards includes Leader Cards, Member Cards, and Take Home Activities for each of the 12 topics. The Leader Cards have information, questions and answers to stimulate discussion. Member Cards have information and questions but they do not have the answers. All employees can use the Take Home Activities to practice what they have learned.

‘Get Healthier’ Topics (1 double-sided card per topic):

  • Get healthier (making goals, pedometer)
  • Sleep
  • Calories (calories in foods, portion sizes, RMR calculations)
  • Liquids & calories (low calorie/sugar options, low-high comparisons)
  • Basic nutrition (reading labels, food groups: healthy vs. unhealthy)
  • Snacks (healthier options)
  • Sugar (natural vs. added, limit added)
  • Exercise (benefits, starting out)
  • Strength (weekly needs, group strength routine)
  • Flexibility (benefits, injury)
  • Stress (body-mind, management)
  • Moving forward (overview, future health goals)

Click to see an example of a Member Card (side 2 only) and a Take Home Activity sheet.

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