cTRAIN Structure

cTRAIN structured as a pre-test followed by a series of infosets containing training content and then a post-test. Each infoset contains one or more information screens and ends with one or more multiple choice quiz questions.This page is designed to provide the details of cTRAIN’s structure and a FAQ list:

cTRAIN begins with user instructions on how to navigate and respond on cTRAIN.  These can be novice (low-education users), standard or mini (for users who are familiar with online training).

What is the basic structure of a cTRAIN topic?
• Title screen
• Menu screen (optional to allow a user to select the order in which they take the topics; only relevent for titles with more than one topic)
• Topic introduction and Pre-test (optional)
• Infosets (there can be a virtually unlimited number)
•• Extrasets (aka, more screens) can be attached to any info screen – they allow you to add information/pictures/movies that is optional in that the user can elect to view an extraset, or not.  Think of it as an off-shoot to an info screen.
• Post-test
• Summary results feedback screen

What is an Infoset?
A sequence of one or more “information” screens that ends with a QUIZ screen.

Can an Infoset have only 1 screen?
No, there must be at least one info screen and one quiz screen in an infoset.

Can the Pre-test and Post-test have a different numbers of screens than each other and than the number of quiz screens?

Can the Pre-test and Post-test contain screens that are not included in the trainee feedback at the end of each topic?
Yes.  You can include survey questions, for example, in the pre-test and/or post-test and at the end you could include a reaction (rate the training) question that doesn’t get included in the feedback screens.

Download a description of the structure of a cTRAIN Title.

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