FAQs about cTRAIN

How do you try out a training title?
> You can download the cTRAIN demo program, but not the content in the title

What if you pay for a training title and don’t like it?
> Request a refund (available for 10 days after purchase; 5% restocking fee).  This does not apply to “one time view” purchases which are non-refundable.

How do you price titles?
> Title cost is based on two components:

  1. number of screens in the training (basic per use price)
  2. license cost is based on the number of students (in a year)

What if our company has 15000 employees but we only need to train 5 of them?
> The number of trainees is 5 and that will be multiplied by the basic cost when you checkout of the online shop.

What if we decide to train more employees after we purchase it?
> Purchase an additional license (sorry we cannot renew licenses)

How secure is cTRAIN?
Account (every organization has an account) data on the web are kept in a secure server that can only be accessed by a person who knows the name of the account and the password for that account.  Data are encrypted as they exit the computer and tablet and uploaded to our server (in your account space no one else can access without a password, except NwETA that maintains a copy of your password in our server space that is also encrypted).  Data on the server are encrypted.  Data downloads are also encrypted until they reach your computer.

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