cTRAIN Populations Studied, Reaction and Effect Size Measures

Populations and topics of  cTRAIN studies, by industry sector (click for knowledge and behavior  increases):Orchard Workers improvement 50

Population – Training Topic – Sample size (N); knowledge/behavior effect size (d) 

  • Agriculture
    • Orchard workers – ladder safety – N=52; pre>post knowledge change (graph right) and effect size (d)=1.50; behavior change (d)=0.70-1.40 *
    • Vineyard workers – safety/skills – N=48; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=1.30-2.00
    • Vineyard workers – Worker Protection Standard – N=61; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=0.90 *
    • Vineyard workers – supervisor skills – N=10; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=1.16 *
    • Pesticide applicators – pesticide application knowledge – N=14
  • Construction
    • Drywall finishers – ergonomic work practices – N=8; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=1.28; behavior change effect size (d)=1.11
    • Street maintenance and water bureau workers – supervisor training – N= 167; self-reported survey changes in people with a weaker relationship with their supervisors prior to the intervention: Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (d) =0.43; Team Effectiveness (d) = 0.70; Work-Life Effectiveness* (d)=0.57
  • Transportation
    • Truck drivers – safety and wellness (TWH)  – N=29; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=2.69 *
    • Truck drivers – Total worker health – N =229; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=1.95
  • ServicesFood Service Workers improvement
    • Food service workers – slips and falls – N=76; pre>post knowledge (graph right) effect size=2.25; behavior change effect size (d)=0.89 *
    • Grocery store managers – work-life balance – N=39; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=1.23 *
    • Bank managers – domestic violence at work – N=21; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=3.15 *
  • Government
    • City government managers – domestic violence at work – N=31; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=2.47 *
    • County government managers – FMLA/OFLA – N=793; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=2.00 *
    • County Government Managers – intimate personal violence – N=793; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=2.18 *
    • Parks and Recreation workers (city parks) -N=140; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=0.40
  • Education
    • Graduate students – laboratory safety – N=28; pre>post knowledge effect size (d)=3.51
  • Diverse Industries
    • Supervisors in 27 different companies – supervisor training – N=997

Reaction measures were collected anonymously in these population samples at the end on training (not all participants completed the survey; no collected data were omitted), as shown below (* = published).
orchard_workers_reaction vineyard_workers-safety_reactionvineyard_workers-wps_reaction


















Government (graph from same sample as the table – county government managers in Oregon)