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STAR OFFICESTAR: OFFICE is training for supervisors to manage work and non-work demands in office settings, used in the Work Family Health Network (WFHN).  OFFICE teaches supervisors to recognize the need for work-life balance in their work and their employees work that has led to reduced intention to quit and improved productivity.  It is an 74-screen title with 4 movies that takes about 45 minutes to complete.  The title includes a description of supervisor tracking using HabiTrak, an app that is only available for research – organizations must contact the developer identified in the training, create a paper-based tracking system, or obtain an app that supervisors can use to record the frequency of employee contacts.

Select the option based on the number of supervisors (trainees) you plan to train in the first year.  There is no restriction on the number of times the training is used by an individual employee, only on the total number of employees trained.

Evidence base: In a randomized trial of 701 health care workers, an intervention that involved both the computer-based training (available here) for managers and employees who participated in facilitated interactive meetings, role-playing, and games to teach them to increase their control over their work processes and schedule to the extent possible. Sleep measured by actigraphy for one week increased by 8 minutes per day and the participants’ self-reported sleep insufficiency declined as shown in this available peer reviewed article (for a cost).  Applying the same intervention adapted for a health care setting, the sleep improvements occurred only in the younger employees; this result is also found in a peer-reviewed  publication.

Records of Results
Licensing provides an account, password option and secure server space where all results are saved in your organization’s space; results can be downloaded through our Data Reports tool (free).

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Note: Trainings (number of ‘uses’) can begin at any time over a year from date on the license (per the email); 1-5 over-the-limit trainings are allowed to accommodate false starts.   Once a training is begun there is no time limit on when it can be completed.

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