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Pesticide Applicator Training – 3 (Mix, Spill, Effects)

Pesticide Applicator Training – 3 (Mix, Spills, Effects) is designed for people who want to learn to be pesticide applicators and is based on the training needed in Oregon.  It has 390 screens (the Spanish version has 401 screens) and covers these 3 topics:

1 Mixing and Loading
•  How to mix and load pesticides safely
•  Protecting water sources at the mixing site
• Closed system mixing and loading systems
• Clean-up and container rinsing

2 Spill management
• The “Three C’s” of spill management
• Where to get help for managing a spill
• Spill kits and their contents

3 Health effects of pesticides
• The toxic effects of pesticides
• How pesticides enter your body
• Warning statements on labels
• Formulation of pesticides

Evidence base:  The four pesticide applicator training titles (parts 1-4) designed to teach applicators to acquire knowledge and skills to be an effective applicator and to complete a licensing exam (Oregon example) were completed by 14 male vineyard workers 13 of which sought to become applicators (one was an applicator taking the training as a refresher).  All 14 were born in Mexico, reported a mean age of 31.7 and reported an average of 6.5 years of education (range 0-12 years, all in Mexico).  All participants completed the training over a 1-week period in a classroom setting overseen by Dr. Anger’s lab.  Their knowledge scores were, respectively on the post-tests in Part 1: Laws, regulations, registration: 85%; labels interpretation 88%; Part 2: Equipment calibration, application calculation: 77%; Formulations and toxicology: 92%; Part 3: Mixing/loading, storage and safety: 92%; Management and environment: 86%; pesticide characteristics: 88%).  At the end of Parts 1-3, a 100-question pesticide application practice test (Part 4) was administered, in which the information learned had to be applied to new labels only in English; percent correct performance was 49%. This led to repetition of the training topics that had the lowest Part 4 test performance for each participant, information that can be found in the tag reports for Parts 1-3. Feedback from participants indicated that having labels in Spanish for the Part 4 test would have improved performance considerably, but the state certification tests are based on predominantly available labels which are in English.  Participants indicated that they liked the training and their confidence increased for performing applicator procedures and to take a licensing exam.  Dr. Kent Anger’s laboratory conducted this pilot study and complied the results.  They have not been independently peer reviewed.

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