Harassment & Violence: De-escalation

Deescalation described and illustrated in home care setting


Describes violence and harassment experienced by home care workers (based on published survey results), depicts warning signs and demonstrates deescalation tactics through pictures and videos.  Some terminology and background information in the training is specific to Oregon public sector home care workers.  The title has 252 screens and 29 video clips.

Evidence base: Data from a randomized trial of 306 female home care workers who took this training with or without followup practice led by peers trained in deescalation techniques.  Surveys given at 6 months after the training revealed that the participants, whether or not the participants received followup practice, improved their feelings of confidence to be able to respond to  and workplace violence and harassment and to prevent it.  In addition they reported experiencing a reduction in incidents of workplace violence and harassment.   The peer-reviewed article is available at a cost from the publisher.

Record of Results
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Trainings (licensed ‘uses’) can begin at any time over a year from the initial date on the license.
• Once a training is begun there is no time limit on when it can be completed.
• Users can quit the training (press esc or close browser) and click the original link to return to the same place in the training if they use the exact same user name that they entered when starting training.

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