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cTRAIN Builder is software to create new training titles and modify existing ones.

Builder is an intuitive editing program that a content expert can use to create and enter content in cTRAIN titles, or modify them at any time.  It works like powerpoint with structure, and uploads training titles.Builder creates both the desktop and web versions of a title.  Builder is available for Macintosh 10.4 or above.  It can create titles for PC (Windows) or Macintosh computers/operating systems and web delivery runs on current and recent versions of all popular browsers.

cTRAIN can effectively teach the widest possible audience from people with no education (0 years) to college grads (click to see training effect sizes, reaction data, knowledge increases and behavior changes from published cTRAIN training titles). Titles are web-delivered (check the list of supported browsers) and/or Mac or PC computer-based (for computers with slow or no internet access).

Builder’s structured format is based on behavioral education principles that have consistently produced learning rates in the high 90% range and effect sizes that are among the best reported.

Discounts (OHSU/Students/preliminary data/collaborators)

  • The discounted license cost for OHSU is due to the requisite licensing agreement with OHSU where the software was initially developed.
  • A Student/preliminary data discount is available from NwETA (not available for a credit card purchase) for Builder at $500:  This license is for students or early PhDs to use cTRAIN and Builder for student projects (email evidence of student status) or for University or College faculty to obtain preliminary data for a grant application (email specific aims page; held confidential at NwETA). Emails are sent to sales@nweta.com. This license is good for one year only and is not renewable.  Use of cTRAIN desktop or web delivery or Builder beyond one year requires a license at full price.  Distribution of a title developed under this agreement requires full distribution costs.
  • Discounts for cTRAIN and Builder are available for grant-supported research if an NwETA principal is funded on the grant.

Licensing for Title post-development
When you develop your own cTRAIN training content, you have the option of distribution through our site with your own unique URL, or through NwETA. The licensing cost is for the development of the training title (i.e., the training content).  A license is required to distribute the training title to one or more clients, based on the size of the title and the estimated number of people who will use your title.  See Distribution of a Title to Clients for the cost categories.

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