Download a Title
· If you received a clickable link from NwETA, click the linkcTRAIN icon
· The next step varies by delivery mode/system:
> Web delivery (proceed to next bullet/hopefully in Firefox, Chrome, Safari/Mac only)
> CD/DVD for desktop delivery (ie, not on the internet)
…..Windows: Click ‘Extract all,’ follow 7 wizard steps
…..Mac: Double click zip file, double click file folder
…..Either system: Double click the multicolored cTRAIN icon (shown right)
…..Either system: Click the big arrow (shown right)
…..If you have more than 1 licensed title, select onearrow.jpg
· Click ‘Accept’ the licensing terms
· Enter your name in the rectangle for your certificate
· Click the big arrow (shown right) to begin training
If movies fail to run (very rare) on the desktop version:
> Mac: Install QuickTime
> Windows: Install Windows Media Player or QuickTime
If movies fail to start on the web version, you are in Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or 8
> If in IE 7, upgrade as it’s hopeless for running movies; if in IE 8, click the arrow to start or end the movie screen.
End a Session
  • To quit mid-session, press escape
  • When you complete the training, press 4 and 9 to save the results
    ….returns to cTRAIN’s report panel (pre- / post-test % correct)
  • If you quit mid-session (esc), and attempt to begin again with the same name, cTRAIN will find your previous session and ask if you want to continue the session
    ….To begin at the beginning of the program, enter a new name
  • To train a new person, click “Enter” under Student Name in the left panel

Download Pages for Project

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Project
Click here for downloads page
Work, Family and Health (WFH) Network Project
Click here for downloads page

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