Title Creation by NwETA

NwETA can create training titles for your business. Or if your business has its own training developers, NwETA can support your team as they create titles in cTRAIN format.

Development Process

Seven Steps for NwETA to Create a new cTRAIN Title

  • Meet/Plan: Meet with NwETA staff at your business to describe the training and provide a tour of your workplace. We will observe the tasks or safety requirements to be trained and take preliminary pictures.
  • Write: NwETA drafts the training and develops a list of pictures and movies to illustrate the training.
  • Film: NwETA visits your workplace to take pictures or movies of the tasks or processes. You will be given the list of pictures and movies so you can set them up for our visit.
  • Review/Revise: NwETA sends the draft training text with pictures and a descriptive title of any movies in a storyboard format to you for review, then we revise the training based on your input.
  • Pilot: NwETA creates a cTRAIN title and conducts a pilot test of the training with 4-5 of your typical employees at your workplace.
  • Revise: Based on the feedback from your staff, NwETA revises the training and submits it to you for final approval.kent-plans.jpg
  • Create: A cTRAIN title is created and licensed to you to distribute to your company.


The following prices can be used to estimate the cost of creating a new training title. A typical 45-minute (average) training program involves 75-100 screens. The amount of content on a cTRAIN screen is approximately equal to that on a Powerpoint screen. Use the table below to estimate the cost of a training title (50-screen minimum) and contact us for a proposal.  An institutional purchase order is a preferred option for engaging our services; send to NwETA, 17300 Grandview Ct.; Lake Oswego, OR or email to sales@nweta.com.


Travel costs are additional for distances more than 100 miles from the home base of the lead training consultant for your project.

Distribution Costs
In addition to title creation cost is the distribution cost based on the estimated number of trainees per year.

Ancillary NwETA Content Creation Services


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