9BUTTON Response Units

The 9BUTTON is a computer input device for people who are unfamiliar with computers and reluctant to touch a keyboard ( “I might break it”) for BARS. The 9BUTTON is constructed to sit above 15″ laptop keyboards (or smaller) or to replace a standard keyboard. It connects to the USB port. Click for pictures and specifications.  While this unit can be used with cTRAIN, we now recommend delivering cTRAIN on a tablet for people with limited education.  We have created tablet instructions that appear automatically when a person begins the training on a tablet.

Note that these units are not available in the European Union due to testing requirements. Pricing for very large orders is negotiable.

Shipping costs are required  in addition to unit costs, unless we are delivering the units to you at the NwETA offices or you are paying for them via a major shipper.  This cost includes packaging and insurance for delivery via the US post office or best available.

Payment by institutional purchase order (PO), check or direct bank transfer is welcomed.  If paying by direct international bank transfer, add an additional fee of $25; no cost for transfers from US banks.  Checks are welcomed; product delivered after check clears.  Charge for a returned check is $25.  Purchase by credit card is available, below. Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee.


A link to your purchase will be sent to your email address by NwETA.

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